Who are we

At Waterbombz, we understand that time is the essence and speed is the name of the game. Our companies are open daily and any time, seven days a week. Our staff responds to the emergency call even after working hours and within minutes of intimation. Almost 100% rate when it comes to quick response and rapid action. We believe that it is essential of swift action to address water and fire damage. We have a veteran expert bringing years of experience and training to the table.

Our team is a highly skilled technician promptly conduct a cost-benefit analysis. This is to figure out the best possible way for our client so as to minimize their financial loss. Our staff uses the most cutting edge and state of the art technology to dry, dehumidify and sanitize the affected property.

Our work

In case of relapse, during the workup, we document every step of the process for ready reference in the future. In the course of cleaning up, we maintain a quiet and discreet presence on our client’s premises. So that we will not give them inconvenience as they go about their daily activities. After our project are done we deodorize the property for the comfort and ease of our clients. Moreover, we keep monitoring the affected property to ensure molds do not occur from seepage and accumulation.

Water Damage

There is a lot of reason for water damage in a household, natural calamities like flood, earthquake, and rain. For simple maintenance like a broken pipe, storage water, or sewerage problems, water damage. The first casualty when dealing with problems related to home maintenance such as furniture, family heirlooms, and electric appliances.

Water Flood Restoration

We at Waterbombz, we hastily replace or restore water damaged property. Our experts quickly affect cost-benefit analysis to assess the path of least financial loss for our clients. We have a seasoned water damage technician use state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology to dry, dehumidify and disinfect. While working discreetly and quietly so as to not impose upon their private property while they go about their daily household activities.

Mold Removal

Our expert uses a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies when it comes to dehumidifying. Our technicians not only clean up after water damage but document every step of the drying process. After the project, we monitor the affected areas to ensure that there are no subsequent damages resulting from water seepage and accumulation such as mold and others.

Sewerage Cleanup

We provide a smooth solution to any and all sewage problems. Either leaking septic tank or collapsed pipes, our experts quickly execute cost-benefit analysis to asses replacement or restoration so as to minimize financial loss for our clients.

Fire Damage

Our specialized fire and smoke damage technicians who make our client’s homes as it was before the fire. We remove smoke odor and clear the soot from their carpets.

Why Waterbombz


We guarantee our response time of 45 minutes anywhere in Florida because speed is the name of the game.


To best assess whether to restore or replace we give a step by step financial benefit analysis to our clients.

Modern Techniques

We use a state-of-the-art technology to dry, dehumidify and deodorize.

Friendly Staff

Our expert technicians are trained to courteous and friendly with the clients. We love to hear from our clients.

Lastly, we are happy to connect with you, please call or visit our site to experience our best service. Call us Now.